Shopify App Explanation 14: App "Instafeed" that can display Instagram feed

This time, I will explain the application "Instafeed" that can display the feed of Instagram.
There are many apps that display Instagram feeds on Shopify, but the app "Instafeed" is recommended based on the number of introductions and reviews.


・Main functions

·important point

・Recommended for these people!

・How to install

■ Main functions

・Display the feed on the site by linking with the Instagram account

・Layout can be selected with grid or slider

・When you click (tap) a post, you can display the post pop-up and set a link to Instagram.

・In the paid plan, it is possible to sort out layouts on PC/SP, tag products, and sort out display contents with hashtags.

■ Notes

・The layout is fixed in the free plan.
・The app management screen is in English.

■It is recommended in such one!

・ Those who are focusing on Instagram

・First of all, those who want to display Instagram feed on the site for free

■ How to install

*It is written on the premise that Shopify store opening is completed.

(1) Access the introduction page of "Instafeed " on the Shopify app store .


Click "Add application" on the above screen.

(2) Click the "Install App" button on the installation

Instafeed DL2

(3) The top page of the Instafeed management screen will be displayed, so link Instagram by clicking the "Connect with Instagram" button on the upper left to complete the installation.


How was that?

This time, I introduced the Shopify app “ Instafeed ”.

If you want to display your Instagram feed, please take advantage of it.

■ Operating company introduction

Formix is ​​a Shopify Certified Partner .

Of course, it is possible to switch from other platforms to Shopify,
"It's my first time building an online shop, but I'd like to start anyway."
"I'm a little worried about building a lot with Shopify from the beginning"
For those customers, we can also propose initial construction on other platforms.
Please feel free to contact us regarding the operation after publication.

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