Shopifyアプリ解説11:不正利用防止ができる「FraudBlock Fraud Prevention」

Shopify App Explanation 11: "FraudBlock Fraud Prevention" that can prevent unauthorized use

This time, I will explain "FraudBlock Fraud Prevention" that can prevent unauthorized use.

"FraudBlock Fraud Prevention" is an application that can automatically cancel unauthorized use.



·important point

・Recommended for these people!

・How to install

・Actual appearance

■ Features

・Automatic cancellation of high-risk orders

・It is possible to set whether to send a cancellation email to users who have canceled via the app.

・It is possible to set whether to return or not return the stock quantity of the canceled product via the app.

・Whitelist can be set

■ Notes

・For orders other than high risk, it is necessary to manually determine the response

・The application management screen is in English

・There is a maximum number of orders per month depending on the plan, so if there is a sudden increase in orders, you will need to change the plan.

■It is recommended in such one!

・Those who are looking for an easy-to-install anti-fraud application

・ Those who want to start preventing unauthorized use at a low cost

Free up to 30 orders
Up to 200 orders $4.95/month
Up to 500 orders $19.95/month
Over 500 orders $29.95/month *14 days free period

■ How to install

*It is written on the premise that Shopify store opening is completed.

(1) Access the introduction page of "FraudBlock Fraud Prevention " on the Shopify app store.

FraudBlock Fraud Prevention App Introduction Page

Click "Add application" on the above screen.

(2) Click the "Install App" button on the installation

FraudBlock Fraud Prevention app installation screen

(3) The FraudBlock Fraud Prevention management screen TOP page is displayed, and installation is complete.

FraudBlock Fraud Prevention App Management Screen Initial Settings

If you enable the app, check "Enable FraudBlock" in Your settings to start the automatic cancellation process for orders determined to be high risk.

■ How it actually looks

There is an item called "Fraud analysis" in "Order management > Individual order details screen" on the store management screen. If it corresponds to "high" of this fraud analysis, it will be automatically canceled. (Red frame part of the bottom capture)

You can also click "Check full analysis" to check the factors that determined fraudulent use.

FraudBlock Fraud Prevention Fraud analysis result screen

How was that?

This time, we introduced the Shopify app "FraudBlock Fraud Prevention".

Please use it to prevent unauthorized use.

■ Operating company introduction

Formix is ​​a Shopify Certified Partner .

Of course, it is possible to switch from other platforms to Shopify,
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"I'm a little worried about building a lot with Shopify from the beginning"
For those customers, we can also propose initial construction on other platforms.
Please feel free to contact us regarding the operation after publication.

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