Shopify App Commentary 13: Highly functional review app ""

This time, as of April 2023, we will explain the popular app “”, which has over 14,000 reviews on the Shopify app store.


・Main functions

·important point

・Recommended for these people!

・How to install

■ Main functions

・Review widget that can post images and videos

・Review request emails can be sent every few days as step emails

・Customers can post reviews from the email screen without moving from the email to the site.

・Create review groups and display the same reviews on different product pages

・Review linkage with Google Merchant Center

・Coupon gifts for reviewers

・Reply to reviews


■ Notes

・The application management screen is in English

・Because of high functionality, the settings are detailed and the difficulty level is high

■It is recommended in such one!

・ Those who want to increase the review acquisition rate

・ Those who want to use a high-performance review app at a low price

・ Those who have experience in EC management, those who are comfortable with English management screens

■ How to install

*It is written on the premise that Shopify store opening is completed.

・Access the introduction page of " Product Reviews" on the Shopify app store. Click "Add App" to download.

judge me

・First, set the display to Japanese. Change "Widget and Email Language" from "Settings".
(This is a change in the display of the site and e-mail. The management screen cannot be in Japanese.) Language setting

・ Turn on the app from the theme customization.
If the widget is not added to the product page, please add it as well.


・Select a template from "Email Templates" and edit the content of the email.
Recommended template is "Single Review Email Template"


How was that?

This time, I introduced the Shopify app "" .

There are many more functions and settings, so if you want to know more, feel free to contact Formix.

■ Operating company introduction

Formix is ​​a Shopify Certified Partner .

Of course, it is possible to switch from other platforms to Shopify,
"It's my first time building an online shop, but I'd like to start anyway."
"I'm a little worried about building a lot with Shopify from the beginning"
For those customers, we can also propose initial construction on other platforms.
Please feel free to contact us regarding the operation after publication.

▶ Click here for consultation on Shopify construction

▶ Click here for consultation on EC site operation and logistics management

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