Shopify App Commentary 2: Point app "EasyPoints" with full Japanese support (updated 2022/7/14)

This time, I will explain the Shopify application "EasyPoints".
"EasyPoints" is an application that has a simple introduction method and makes it easy for users to use the point service.



・How to install

・Actual appearance

Features・Additional points can be granted by scheduling campaigns ・Point balance can be checked at the time of payment ・Points can be given manually ・Full Japanese support ・POS linkage possible
・No free trial (from $50/month)

⇒Since the cheapest plan is $50 per month, it is necessary to consider whether you can expect more sales than the monthly fee before introducing it. If you are going to start a site from now on, we recommend starting with a point app that has a free plan.

The price plan has been reviewed and is now available free of charge.

Free plan: basic features only, maximum number of active customers: 300
$50/month plan: Max active customers: 500
$180/month plan: Max active customers: 2,000
$425/month plan: Maximum active customers: 5,000

*Since the free plan cannot use functions such as the membership rank function and points awarded when registering as a new member, it is necessary to check whether the requirements are met.

Update: 2022/7/14

■ How to install

*It is written on the premise that Shopify store opening is completed.

*If you plan to migrate customer information from another company's EC site to Shopify, you need to complete the migration before installing the app.

(1) Access the EasyPoints introduction page on the Shopify app store.

EasyPoints app screen
Click "Add app" on the above screen.

(2) Click the "Install App" button on the screen "You are about to install EasyPoints."

you are trying to install EasyPoints

(3) Click "Start" to transition to the initial screen of EasyPoints.

EasyPoints initial screen

(4) When the message "Are you planning to migrate customer information from other EC sites to Shopify?" is displayed, click "No".

Plan to migrate customer information to Shopify

*If you click "Yes", you will be prompted to reinstall the app after the customer information has been migrated.

Customer information migration work guide

(5) Check "I agree to the terms of use" and click "Next".

I agree to the terms of use

(6) Select either Widget or Custom Setup and click "Next". This time, select "Widget".

Widgets, custom setup selection

(7) On the point initial setting screen, enter the point redemption rate, point grant delay, and expiration date.

Point initial setting

(8) App functions are displayed, so check them and click "Next".

App function

(9) Select a plan on the plan selection screen.

*This is a test installation, so click "Skip".

Plan selection screen

(10) When the installation completion screen appears, click "Go to Dashboard".
Installation completed screen

Click on “Dashboard” and the following screen will be displayed.

easypoint dashboard

<How to activate the point service>

(11) Click "Select" of "Price Plan" on the dashboard.

easypoint dashboard

Select a price plan from the screen below.

Price plan list

(12) Click "Settings" of "Disable point system" on the dashboard.

Point system disabled

On the following screen, switch the point system and system display to "ON".

point system, system display

The settings are now complete.

■ How it actually looks

You can check how it looks on the front side of the store on the official demo site. You can check how the payment process looks by creating an account and proceeding to the payment screen while logged in.

・Official demo site

How was that?

This time, I introduced the Shopify application "EasyPoints".

If you are considering implementing a point service in your app, please use it.

■ Operating company introduction

Formix is ​​a Shopify Certified Partner .

Of course, it is possible to switch from other platforms to Shopify,
"It's my first time building an online shop, but I'd like to start anyway."
"I'm a little worried about building a lot with Shopify from the beginning"
For those customers, we can also propose initial construction on other platforms.
Please feel free to contact us regarding the operation after publication.

▶ Click here for consultation on Shopify construction

▶ Click here for consultation on EC site operation and logistics management

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