Shopifyアプリ解説10:無料でレビュー機能を実装できる「Product Reviews」

Shopify App Commentary 10: "Product Reviews" that allows you to implement a review function for free

This time, I will explain "Product Reviews", which allows you to implement the review function for free.

"Product Reviews" is an app that allows you to add review posting frames to product pages and manage reviews.



·important point

・Recommended for these people!

・How to install

・Actual appearance

■ Features

・Customer review function for products can be implemented

・Automatic/manual (approval) posting can be selected

・E-mail notification at the time of posting is possible

・You can change the color of the review mark and the border.


■ Notes

・The default display language is English, so translation is required on the management screen.

・Review list page cannot be created

・For themes other than Online Store 2.0, you need to write to Liquid to display ★ etc.

■It is recommended in such one!

・ Those who are looking for a review app that is free and easy to introduce

・ Those who are looking for an application that does not require editing work in the source code

■ How to install

*It is written on the premise that Shopify store opening is completed.

(1) Access the introduction page of "Product Reviews " on the Shopify app store .

Product Reviews App introduction page

Click "Add application" on the above screen.

(2) Click the "Install App" button on the installation

Product Reviews App Install Page

(3) The Product Reviews management screen TOP page will be displayed, and installation will be completed here.

Product Reviews admin screen

From here, follow the "Reviews" in the TOP screen to proceed with the settings.

Open Customize in "Shopify Management Screen > Sales Channels > Online Store", select "Product Reviews" from "Product Information > Add Block" or "Add Section" in the product template you want to add reviews and save. This completes the installation of the review column on the product page.

■ How it actually looks

You can check how it looks on the front side of the store here.

Product page for review display confirmation

<How the product page looks>

Product page for review display confirmation

How was that?

This time, I introduced the Shopify app “Product Reviews”.

Please use it when implementing the review function.

■ Operating company introduction

Formix is ​​a Shopify Certified Partner .

Of course, it is possible to switch from other platforms to Shopify,
"It's my first time building an online shop, but I'd like to start anyway."
"I'm a little worried about building a lot with Shopify from the beginning"
For those customers, we can also propose initial construction on other platforms.

Please feel free to contact us regarding the operation after publication.

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